REVEAL by Calvin Klein

On this September first, I am happy to wish you a great month and also very excited to tell you about the new REVEAL by Calvin Klein perfume, which is, officially today, available all over Canada!

I have always been a collector, from pebbles when I was five years old to clothing pieces fifteen years later. I remember being a child and looking with amazed eyes my Mother’s fragrances collection on her vanity, wishing that, one day, I would have a collection as impressive as hers. I was also in love with the fancy and colorful bottles, all tinted with a peculiar smells. This was the most precious collection I had seen and I surely dreamed of having such thing.

With the years going by, I wasn't appealed by perfumes anymore. I still thought they were beautiful, but one signature scent was enough for me, and the childish dream of collecting perfumes faded away.

Now working on the blog for almost four years, I have received an incredible amount of fragrances and the luxurious collection I was once dreaming about slowly appeared by itself. 

My perfumes are now part of the items I love the most. Each of them represents a special story, a peculiar meaning and an hidden intention, and I love to see them as different wearable personalities.

The REVEAL fragrance is very different from all the other ones I have smelled before. It is specially made to be teasing and erotic, strongly playing with the duality of masculine and feminine forces.

This sensual tension was even made visible, with a round-square bottle, half made of sophisticated and heavy metal, and half made of peach colored warm and elegant glass.

But the most special thing of this REVEAL fragrance is how it was made of raw salt, a very sensorial salt never really used in perfumes before. This very ingredient is known to capture the erotic scent of the skin and create a wake of sexiness, self confidence and provocation.

Head: Raw salt, Pink pepper, Black pepper & White pepper
Heart: Iris & Amber gris
Bottom: Sandalwood, Cashmeran & Vetiver

Available at The Baie, Sears, Sephora, Pharmaprix, Murale and Jean Coutu.

FMD 2014: Black & White Recap


Here is a simple little summary of the 2014's Montréal's Fashion & Design Festival, in a few black and white images.

Bloggers reunion, Runway shows, Meeting with Garance Doré, Streetstyles and a personal outfit... everything seen under the artistic eye of the amazing Alexandra Côté-Durrer.

P.S. If you haven't seen the images of the FMD COLLECTIONS, click here to see the pictures of the runway shows!


During my many years’ journey in the fashion industry, I have had the chance to encounter many important people and famous personalities. With that kind of meeting being more frequent and almost falling in the ``norms`` of things, I realized that, despite the successful and luxurious aura emanating from them, these people happen to be just like us… let’s say: normal human beings.

The sad thing is that I probably only really realized it when I actually started to get nearby and have real conversations with them. In the end, they’re humans that woke up as badly as we did this morning, who’s feet hurt because of their fancy shoes, who eat just as much as we do and who maybe have ridden the metro along us to go to work. Like I said: normal people.

The thing that is, however, always impressive is, how so many of these stars actually present to us a façade that doesn’t represent who their true personality is. So many of them pretend to be over everything, until you talk with them and discover they do have the same struggles as us, mortals.

All this brings me to say that WHEN you actually meet someone who is the EXACT same one in the medias and in real life, it’s like you’ve found an angel. Someone famous (or should I say successful), who is because of himself and his only true-self.

This is what happened when I met Garance Doré: I found an angel.

Because her writing is so human, down to earth and friendly, I would have been shocked to discover she wasn’t like that in real life… but you never know who you’re dealing with before meeting the actual person. I found in her persona the same passionate and friendly blogger I had met online throughout her website… and it felt like a relief.

A relief because, as a blogger myself, I was then shown it was possible to be (and always be) myself, in this peculiar industry that often forces you to change. To see she was still who she wanted to be, after working for years in fashion, proved to me that my dream and self-truthfulness were able to rise in an equivalent and healthy way.

Thank you Garance for taking the time to talk to each of us and thanks to Bureau Mode Montréal for organizing such a great meeting!



This year, Montréal’s Fashion & Design Festival had, among all the usual outdoor runway shows, one special event which was called FMD COLLECTIONS. This event was a compensation for the not-so-happening-Montréal-Fashion-Week and presented six designers from Montréal, happily selected by the beloved fashion blogger Garance Doré. It was also a chance for the media and people from the industry to meet once more, in a beautiful event we all honestly thought would never happen again. This event was quite fun, offering us one last vibe of what used to be.

As for the collections that were presented, I found the collections to be nice, but only nice. Not great, not exceptional or mind-blowing. Just nice.

Knowing the capacities of these creators (for having seen their previous presentations), I felt like they could have done better. As if what they were showing to us was something we've already seen from them. Of course, the pieces were all well made, on trend and well-looking. But simply not flabbergasting. Maybe it is just me, with my desire to see these artists surpass themselves the way they usually do, but this time, I wasn't so impressed. It felt like I wanted them to be as creative as I have seen them in the past, with some very original designs and unique ways to approach the current or future trends. I know how different and majestuous the clothes of every of these six designers can be and I wish I could have seen the usual magic happen.

But don’t hear me wrong: my love for Montréal designers is unconditional and despite my deception, these creators still have a very special place in my heart!

My First Time at the BALNEA SPA


I have done many things in my life, but strangely, going to an outdoor spa wasn’t one of them!

It was during a launching event at the BALNEA Spa in last June that I (finally) was initiated to the enchanting activities of the outdoor spa! Between the delicious culinary course that was specially offered to us by the Chefs of the place, the different relaxation sessions and the numerous water paths, I can affirm that my first day at the spa was quite complete and rich in new experiences!

I enjoyed the day with my dear friend and photographer, Alex, who had the chance to initiate me (she being a spa expert!).

I literally looked like a little girl, running all around and wanting to try all the different water paths! It was so much fun to run between the warm and cold pools, to relax in the saunas, to do a little nap in a Moroccan salon to then go lounge by the lake, just before dipping a toe in the clear  natural water!

In short, this was an amazing day with the company of Alex, and as you probably noticed, I was wearing my new one-piece StarWars bathing suit, that you already saw HERE.

Again, a big thank you to the team of BALNEA Spa and the BICOM communications team for this amazing day!

Bodycon 60s Inspired Dress


As I said in one of my last article, I recently had a look back on the past to see where I have been and where I want to go from now on, with my life and my work... deciding on what I now need to give time, energy and efforts to acheive my goals.

This being said, I've been looking through all the outfit pictures I did since the begining of the blog and realised one thing that never changed throughout the years and that I'm pretty sure will never change: my love for vintage style and vintage clothes.

This unconditional love being established and confirmed, I then also realised that not all of my vintage outfits were fashionable and nice-looking... I do admit now regretting wearing a few pieces... 

So with all this thinking, I tought I could still pull out a vintage vibe, but try to be more body-conscious and maybe try a little less with the layering and weird combinations... I will still be going for statement extravagant pieces, but in a less overdue and over-the-top manner.

With this new set of mind, I decided to wear a bodycon H&M dress (probably the most bodyconscious item I have ever worn in my life...) and went for the classic black&white duo. However, I still managed to make it a bit more ''Naomi'', with the crazy patterns and my bold white creepers!

I think it is okay to change, but one shall never forget who he is.


FASHION IS MY RELIGION presents to you a unique edition of SUNDAY STREETSTYLE: a special collaboration with the photographer ALEX CD.

As you might have notice in my last personnal look articles, Alexandra is now an official member of Fashion Is My Religion's team and quickly became a "must" regarding the visual identity of the blog.

This week, during Montreal's Fashion & Design Festival, Alex helped me during my streetstyle session, in order to find some interesting looks and she took the following pictures! I hope you will like these special streetstyles, view under Alex's point of view!



I must say I am not a big fan of Katy Perry (I may only enjoy "Teenage Dream" and "California Girls" because I used to be a teenager and live in California), but let's just say that the "do-you-ever-feel-like-a-plastic-bag-FIREWORK" song and many of the kind do not really appeal to me...

Anyways, not being such a fan of this singer, I wasn't much excited when her KILLER QUEEN fragrance came out... Until I was forced to smell it (because it was given to me) and until it automatically became my FAVORITE perfume of all time and also became my signature scent! 

I confess: I loved (and still do love) this perfume... yes.

So… there’s no need to say I was, this time, VERY excited when Katy Perry launched a new edition of the KILLER QUEEN fragrance, this one called the ROYAL REVOLUTION. Smelling completely different from the Killer Queen and the Eau So Sheer fragrances, the ROYAL REVOLUTION perfume still appeals to me, with its very special scent! Here are the details:

Top: Notes of Pink Freesia, Black Thorn, Pomegranate
Heart: Notes of Orange Flower, Sandalwood, Jasmine Petals.
Base: Notes of Soft Leather, Skin Musk, Vanilla Orchid