SHOES: A.S.98 Fall/Winter 2014

A.S.98 Fall/Winter Collection

Fall is only a few steps away and it is now time to think about what you'll put in your feet for the rainy and cold up-coming seasons! Wether you like or not, it is a reality that everybody living in a four-seasons region has to face. But as I always say, cold and gloomy weather doesn't have to rhyme with dark and grey outfits...

So why don't you have a look at these very beautiful italian designer pieces from A.S.98 in order to get inspired for your fall footwear! Your feet deserve to stay warm AND stylish throughout the entire year and FRANK PRENNTZELL (amazing designer) is offering you the perfect combination of style and comfort.

Fall is probably the most colorful season of all, due to the tree leaves changing and all the fruits and vegetables from the harvest. Therefore, I think fall fashion has to be colorful as well and it all starts at the very bottom of your feet!

A comfortable pair of shoes will automatically make you feel better, confident and powerful... and a colorful pair will surely turn your outfit into one that makes a statement.

The new A.S.98 fall/winter 2014 collection has got it all! Made of genuine leather, the boots, heels and sandals are perfect for outerwear (as leather is known for being ze perfect material for shoes). Well designed, with a touch of fantasy and a strong edginess side, these pieces are ready to be the unforgettable pieces of your wardrobe this season!

Plus, see below as I got the chance to chat with Frank Prenntzell, talking about his vision and how he likes to create and play with fabrics and textures. He is a true fashion lover and a great artist, who considers every pieces of his like on of his children!

Red Hat Girl

You've seen it all around the blog and on my social networks: my Little Red Hat! If you are wondering how and why it became my blog logo, here is the story of how I found it and how it became important for me.

After an interview with the fabulous team of Fripe Fabrique, I mannaged to dig up a snippet of my old story just for you... Please enjoy!

F.F: Your logo is this cute red hat of yours. What is the story behind that?

Naomi: This hat kind of created its story by itself…

I found this hat in a church basement… if I remember well, I think it was my first time ever going thrift shopping. I liked that hat very much because its shape was unconventional and its color very bold.

Because it was quite outstanding, I only decided to wear it at the Fashion & Design Festival… and that’s when it all started. People loved that hat and because they had first met me with it, it became my signature. I then decided to wear it at every important fashion event I attended and in no time people started to recognize me because of the hat… I was the "Girl with the Little Red Hat"! It became my visual icon even before it was visible on the blog… it was just a formality to finally add it to my logo!

Indian Summer

It might be officially Fall as the Summer season is now technically over, but we might consider the Montreal's weather warm enough to call it an Indian Summer. Of course, it has been freezing cold for the past two weeks, but it seems that the few last days behind were quite warm.

Around 20'C I do find it a little bit frisky, but I wasn't ready to welcome Fall just yet and decided to wear some mini shorts.

White mini shorts can be quite ambiguous to wear depending on their cut and fabric. Some can be considered too sexy and cheap if not worn properly. However, some white mini shorts can totally be stylish... for example these lace ones, or even satin, silk or nice high-waist ones.

Just be careful to find the pair that fits you the best; one that is well fitted but not intensely sticking to your body and one that is also not see-through. 

Believe or not, I found my white mini shorts at Walmart! And not so surprisingly, I paired them with all vintage accessories and shirt. Do you like the look? 

1 Year Old Throwback Thursday - FMD Streetstyle

Going through the files of my numerous usb keys (about the 20 of them… yes I should really get myself an external hard-drive instead), I realized that one special article with one very special outfit hadn’t been published, and so, for an entire year!

Being Thursday and myself being a great fan of “throwback Thursdays”, I decided that it was now the perfect opportunity to present to you one outfit that was created and captured about one year ago.

Recently, I have been telling you about the Fashion & Design Festival and you might have seen my few articles regarding the runway shows, my meeting with Garance Doré and my outfits for the event… Well, the pictures I am now presenting to you in this article were from that very same Fashion & Design Festival, only taken one year from now.

I hope you’ll enjoy the bright colors, the smiles of the great people with whom I’m posing and my one-year-younger face!

Yellow Harem Pants


Remember when I said harem pants were not easy to style? Well here is another sort of harem pants that I, once again, felt challenged styling. 

When I saw these pants, it was love at first sight and I really had to get them. I, however, didn’t have any ideas of how I would eventually style them and I had to think about it more than twice. 

This time, the challenge wasn’t about the shape (like these ones) but about the three-colors gradient of the fabric fading into a palm tree pattern. Not only I had to consider pastel yellow, burned orange and dark brown, but I also had to be careful if I wanted to style these pants with items with prints and patterns of their own.

Call me un-original on this one, but having not much time to shoot the pictures and attend the Fashion & Design Festival that very day, I simply went for the same style as these previous pants I presented to you before. The same tank top with the same sandals, but paired with turquoise accessories to play with the color contrast, a more orange lipstick and a different hairdo.

In the end, I think both looks turned out pretty different, even if they were composed of almost all the same elements.