Red & Green - Apple Picking

Who said photoshoots should always be serious? Obviously not me!

Let me contextualize the circumstances: I'm an invited guest in this magnificient Petit & Fils orchard with my amazing photographer best-friend, I feel like Snow White and I may be feeling a little sugar rush from all these apple-candies and GogoSqueez snacks (company by whom we were invited).

Therefore, feeling lighter than ever and crazy as usual, I thought "Let's try to jungle with at least 3 apples!"... sounds like a good idea? Scroll down to see my epic face as I go back to being 4 year old again!


One more fragrance to my collection, one more pink bottle in my perfume platter!

With all the perfumes I received and got the chance to smell during the past years, I've noticed that, without a doubt, all the pink bottles were holding a very girlie fragrance. I'm not the type who usually believes in stereotypes at first sight, but the "girls-like-pink" fact actually kind of fits with the pink bottles and their very feminine scent.

This Forever Vera perfume is even colored pink and the bottle is transparent and delicate. The very girly design and the floral scent of the perfume made me think of what a princess would smell like. Obviously, the adjectives pink and feminine don't always have to relate to "princessy" and girly stuff, and they totally can be representatives of elegance and beauty.

However, in this case, the fragrance did make me imagine a young princess dressed in a beautiful fluffy gown... And I thought it was a pretty accurate thought since every Vera Wang dress is so magnificent and elegant. These gowns really do make me think of what a future queen would wear and therefore, Vera Wang is associated to princesses in my mind.

If you want a soft, light and bubbly scent, go for this one! I say Forever Vera... Forever feminine, girly and a bit "princessy" ;)

Apple Picking like Snow White

Here in Canada, we may not have the cherry blossom pink winds like in Japan, or the night glowing plankton seas like in the Gulf Stream, but we do have the apple tree season, with the delicious apples ready to be eaten on the spot in the bloomed orchard! It isn't more or less exciting than elsewhere, simply exciting in a different way and much more adapted to our traditions.

It is all about finding THE right apple... that perfect shiny red one... the ultimate Snow White's apple.

That actually reminds of the time I used to work in a grocery store, when a little 5 years old girl pointed at me saying to her mother I looked like Snow White... She's not my favorite Disney princess but at least she's got some style... I guess.

I finally decided to embrace my inner princess and accept the Snow White compliment. It's been a few times that I've ben told I had a "snow white" skin tone and I do love to put bows in my hair. I'm not already living with 7 men and singing to aninals, but at least I love apples and the woods!

Going to the Petit & Fils orchard for a special event with Gogo SqueeZ, Alex and I had the perfect opportunity to capture some beautiful images and recreate the Snow White story our own way. I hope you'll enjoy the way I disposed the pictures and understand the story line!

The Chartreuse Outfit

A Summer outfit to celebrate this announced heat, in this lasting Indian Summer.

As mentioned in my last article, I had the chance to model for three students from the Marsan school of photography, last June. Among the looks we shot, there was this one: a typical warm summer outfit, with these mini shorts and flaming colors.

Indeed, the chartreuse color is so flamboyant that you can probably still see it in pitch black darkness! Its extravagant brilliance gives it a certain ambiguity... or you love it, or you hate it.

Having a quite colorful personality, I do like the brightness of the chartreuse color. Since I already had my snake-print NELLA BELLA bag of that same color, it was then easy for me to create an outfit and match the bag with this shirt.

To enhance this bright yellow, we thought it would be fun to shoot in front of a colored background... and that's how we decided to go in front of these purple church doors.

I must confess: the place was closed with fences and was almost inaccessible, but we still decided to trespass on the forbidden venue. It wasn't very holy from us, indeed, but I must say it was totally worth it for the visual result!

The Lovely Mysterious Hidden Bookshelf


The strangest things and most amazing discoveries really do happen when you expect them the least. 

It was back in last June, while doing a collaboration photoshoot with three amazing girls, student at the Marsan school of photography that, while strolling around the city to find some nice places to shoot we discovered the lovely mysterious hidden bookshelf!

Set in what we call a "green alley" here (well maintained and ecofriendly alley-way), the bookshelf was tiny, cute, red (I love red!) and surrendered by a nice little garden with wood logs to sit on. 

This lovely venue was the ideal place we've been searching for to do our pictures and we spent almost half and hour there, relaxing and enjoying the simplicity, yet the amazingness of this beautiful little place.

After a while, a lady came out of her house and started talking with us. She was the owner of this fabulous little project and seemed to proud that some young people would finally appreciate her work.

I found amazing to see how some people care for others and are generous enough to make time and create spaces like this one in order to make strangers happy. If everyone was as careful and generous as this lady, the world would truly be a better place.

P.S. Like I said, I worked on this shoot with 3 different photographers at the same time, which explains the difference between each picture and editing.