NEW Fall Cocktails at the WUNDERBAR

wunder bar hotel W Naomi Larocque for Fashion Is My Religion
Montréal may be recognized and a little famous for all of its terraces in the Summer, but what happens when the heat goes down as Fall and Winter arrive? Please do believe that Montrealers continue partying and enjoying some good drinks, simply inside instead of outdoors. 

This being said, as the fancy extravagant persons we are, we always try to find the most outstanding places or unique ones to go out. The most original little spots where to find the most unbelievable stories to tell, or them crazy settings to have ourselves flabbergasted. 

Yep, Montrealers may be renown as chillax people, but when it comes to party, we always have the best place to suggest!

As for myself, I must say I am more of a small-place kind of person, but I do love to discover some killer settings when I go out, especially when it's during a fashion event. As a media, I am often invited in ball rooms, hotel suites, fancy bars and restaurants and for having experienced many "big and crowded" venues, I must say that one of my favorite is, without a doubt, the WUNDER BAR from the W HOTEL downtown. 

Every time I spent the evening there, I was received like a queen and felt like I was part of their big family. The venue may be quite popular but I never experienced it fully jam-packed and uncomfortable. It was always super cozy, with great music and a calm ambiance. 

As you will see on the images bellow, the WUNDERBAR is known for it's bright light walls, constantly changing colors. I find it very fun and playful and, as bright as it may seem on the pictures, it is truly not that intense in real life (it doesn't make you feel overwhelmed or lightheaded).

The reason Elias and I spent the evening at the WUNDERBAR that night was to taste the new Fall Cocktails Menu. Luckily we got to have a sip of practically ALL the available drinks on the new menu and it was totally awesome!

But what was even better was having the chance to chat for almost one hour with Eben Klemm, incredible human being, drink artist, mixologist, and creator of the new Fall cocktails menu. Discussing flavors, drink recipes, life anecdotes, New York City vs Montréal, youth, traveling, careers, tasting experiments... all of the previous punctuated with jokes and funny quotes, it was obvious we had a blast and this meeting was memorable. 

As for the Fall menu, the cocktails were on point, tasty and well composed, with a good balance between the flavors of the added components and the raw alcohol (which is way too often drown in flooding juices and sugar). Plus, the "fall" theme was well interpreted, with ingredients representing warmness, such as cinnamon, candied lemon, ginger, roasted pear syrup  and many other comforting flavors.

The WUNDERBAR is always a winner destination and if you want to feel like a king in a cozy ambiance for the night, that's the place to go!

Healthy Beauty: LISA NOTO MAKEUP

Lisa Noto organic natural makeup lipsticks, Fashion Is My Religion
As Winter is slowly coming towards us, I thought it would be a great idea to present to you a series of articles based on some of my favorite Healthy Beauty Products. I found Winter to be the perfect season for these articles since the cold weather really affects me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. My skin, my hair, my lips (basically my entire self) gets dry and cold, and as everything slowly turns out grey and dull outside, I still want my face and body to look healthy and colorful! So here is my first Healthy Beauty presentation:

If you remember this past article, you will probably remember how awesome the LISA NOTO products are. If not, here are 5 reasons why they are incredible:

1) They are made of natural and organic products.
2) They don't dry out your lips like typical lipsticks.
3) The colors are simply awesome (as for the tube's packaging)!
4) Lisa Noto is a Montréal based brand. 
5) The prices are totally affordable.

Being a super fan of lipsticks and wearing some all day-everyday-24/7, I know what I am talking about here. The two main and recurrent problems with lipsticks are that they often don't last long enough on the lips and they also make them feel super dry. However, it is not the case with the LISA NOTO makeup.

Since they are entirely made of "green chemistry", with organic butters and natural extracts, these lipsticks are more creamy and don't feel superficial on the lips. The herbs, the botanical ingredients, the minerals and the vitamins used in their conception leave the products unscented and make them very good for sensitive skins. Plus, these lipsticks are not only healthy for yourself, but also for the environment  with their production based on values such as the respect of biodiversity and responsible usage of natural resources.

So if you're in love as much as I am, you might want to check LISA NOTO's makeup HERE.


black and white boudoir Naomi Larocque for Fashion Is My Religion
Have you ever been so intrigued by an object or a scent that you could not fully understand it at first sight? One that is so complex that you need to explore it a little more before grasping its full value? This is what happened to me with the Calvin Klein fragrance, REVEAL.

If you remember properly, I already presented the perfume on my blog here. It is not a fragrance I would wear myself, but being so different from what I've smelled before, I thought it would be interesting to create some visuals inspired by its scent. 

I was so intrigued by the sensual fragrance of REVEAL that I couldn't manage to simply present it to you in a normal way like in my last article. This is why Alex and I did this series of images (and also one series soon to come online). For this specific story, I really wanted to work with Alex because I believe she is one of the best to capture very tender moments, with a very soft visual touch. 

These images are probably some of the most revealing pictures I have ever posted on the blog. Even though I'm still very dressed, the shear shirt did make me think twice before posting the pictures. I am not a very prude person in my everyday life, but the web can sometimes be quite overwhelming and I did wonder about sharing that kind of images. Then, I remembered that the goal of this article was to "REVEAL" and since I totally assume my sexuality it wasn't a big deal anymore.

I hope you'll enjoy these images and you shall wait up for the next story: "Reveal Yourself" ;)

Fall Cocooning

white fall cozy outfit Naomi Larocque for Fashion Is My Religion
Fall is definitely my favorite season of all four, because I love the perfect balance between cold and warm weather. I love the fact that it is cold enough to wear layers (which is amazing because it's like wearing 2 or 3 outfits at the same time) but at the same time I love that's it's still warm enough to wear some light clothes that doesn't look like the yeti's apparel.

One of the best part of Fall is truly the start of cocooning. What I mean could be described as making yourself comfortable inside your warm house when you just arrived from the cold exterior. It's just so much fun and comforting to cuddle in a warm knit sweater and oversize pants, reading a good book and drinking some tea.

So here I am in my little home, all warmed-up and relaxed!