Yellow Harem Pants


Remember when I said harem pants were not easy to style? Well here is another sort of harem pants that I, once again, felt challenged styling. 

When I saw these pants, it was love at first sight and I really had to get them. I, however, didn’t have any ideas of how I would eventually style them and I had to think about it more than twice. 

This time, the challenge wasn’t about the shape (like these ones) but about the three-colors gradient of the fabric fading into a palm tree pattern. Not only I had to consider pastel yellow, burned orange and dark brown, but I also had to be careful if I wanted to style these pants with items with prints and patterns of their own.

Call me un-original on this one, but having not much time to shoot the pictures and attend the Fashion & Design Festival that very day, I simply went for the same style as these previous pants I presented to you before. The same tank top with the same sandals, but paired with turquoise accessories to play with the color contrast, a more orange lipstick and a different hairdo.

In the end, I think both looks turned out pretty different, even if they were composed of almost all the same elements.

Pink Asymmetrical Harem Pants


Harem pants are simply the most comfortable of all kinds of pants. Depending on their shape, colors and patterns, they can easily be very edgy and become a wardrobe statement piece.

But edgy and easy to style never really rhyme together. As a matter of fact, harem pants can be quite tricky to wear and style properly, because you have to find the ones with the shape that fits your body the best.

In the case of these bright neon fuchsia ones, the tricky parts for me wasn’t the color, but the oversized front and the ¾ capri length. The extra amount of fabric being placed right at the center of my body (not on top, bottom or sides) made it difficult for me to choose a top to match with these asymmetrical pants. I didn’t want to overdo it and I didn’t want either to cover up the shape of these fun pants. Plus, I never know what kind of shoes I should wear when wearing ¾ pants, so that was a concern also.

In the end, I paired my Spanish sandals with a white tank top, one that was not too fitted and not too loose, to create a clean Summer bright look. With my signature hair bow and some pink accessories, the outfit was complete and it was all perfect!


As the seasons pass by, the outside colors change and so do the colors of our closet. The colors of our makeup and beauty products also evolve and when Fall arrives, everything seems to be darker.

When Summer finally leaves, it is time to kiss goodbye to the bright neon colors and soft pastel, and this can often be depressing.

Joe Fresh had it all figured out and thought we could still shine towards Winter, not with colorfulness but with metallic textures.

So here are his new nail polish colors, specially created to cheer us up and illuminate us as we travel towards the wintry darkness!

Available in the Loblaw shops (Loblaw's, Provigo le Marché et Maxi & Cie) for 6$ each.


Considering the fact that I always present myself to you through photoshoots and fancy images, I thought it could be interesting to share a fun fact about myself, one that was inspired by this series of images.

So here you go: not only am I a freak regarding my clothes and how I classify them, I am as well a freak regarding the way I display my books on my bookshelves.

My books aren’t classified by titles or by authors’ names, but simply by the color of their covers. I do find this display a little childish, but I must say it looks very great in my apartment

This being said, when the time came to choose a book to match my outfit for the photoshoot, the decision was made in only a matter of seconds, due to the easy color distinctions on the shelves.

Colors have always had a great (and quite indescribable) influence on my personality and therefore, I find it easier for me to enjoy the story line of a book if I chose to read it according to the color of its cover that was the most relevant with my current mood.

I know it all sounds crazy, but colors have always represented something special to me and they do truly influence my life activities and hobbies.

Feeling like an ALL STAR

Feeling like an AllStar… I have been wondering what it felt like my entire life, never having worn Converse before that particular day I already told you about. Yet, my very first Converse pair was not even an AllStar model and even if I totally fell in love with the brand as soon as I slipped my foot in my Jack Purcell model sneakers, I still was missing a crucial part of the entire Converse experience.

It’s only when I got the chance to wear these crisp white AllStar with navy blue and red lines that I (finally) understood what all Converse addicts had felt before by wearing these very shoes: comfort and a powerful vibe of joy and attitude.

To me, Converse is a fun brand, one that I like to wear whenever I’m about to go on an adventure and do something exciting. That’s totally what I felt when I put on my Allstars pair.

As for my JackPurcell’s I wear them almost every day, for comfort and simplicity.

My Converse AllStar are white and so are my Jack Purcell, a color that I love for shoes and that I chose for both of my Converse pairs for two special reasons:

- White shoes give a special attitude to all outfits and they fit with everything.
- In my mind, Converse AllStar have always been white or red. Therefore, I absolutely wanted to have the typical AllStar model in my feet.

But who knows? Maybe my next Converse pair will be red? ;)