Pearly Dungaree


This year might be the year in which I revisit my childhood the most in many different ways.

Even if I just turned 20, I have been wearing some clothes that I haven't wear since I was about 9 years old, including the under-the-knee-lenght skirt, the one-piece swimsuit and now, the dungaree. 

I'm not sure if all this is due to my desire to look childish once more or simply because the 90's trends are back on track stronger than ever (being born in 1994, that would explain a lot).

Anyways, even if the dungaree is to be seen everywhere, I still think I managed to adapt the trend to my style, by not wearing the denim-typical-so-normcore-not-original-anymore version, but a black and pearly pink version, created by a designer from Montréal!

Indeed, this dungaree was part of the styling collaboration I did with the Montrealer designer Vickie Joseph from NU.I (which I told you all about here) and it was my total pleasure to adapt this famous trend in my Montrealer way!

Plus, how fun is this MONTREAL t-shirt? I simply love it!

OR ROUGE by Yves Saint-Laurent


When it comes to beauty products, I shall say I am not an expert since I'm not a specified beauty blogger and that I don't test creams and lotions for a living (not that I wouldn't like that, but it's simply not my main occupation). However, when it comes to great smells and lipsticks, I know the drill and I can tell you everything you want to know!

I am (I confess) a lipstick addict. I repeat: I am a lipstick addict. I have all the imaginable colours, all the textures (matt, shiny, glossy, etc.) and all the existing formats of tubes (actual lipsticks, twistups, crayons, pastes and brushes), you name it! 

No need to say I was ecstatic when I received the invitation for a Yves Saint-Laurent cocktail party at Holt Renfrew, in order to discover the new makeup products by the brand and the magnificent OR ROUGE cream.

My excitement for this OR ROUGE cocktail party was due to two reasons:
1) It was my first ever YSL event
2) I got to discover the new Baby Doll Kiss & Blush products

That's typical me: being excited about something that was not the main attraction of the night. While everybody was starring at the beautiful OR ROUGE cream pots, I was over the makeup counter, daydreaming of trying all these amazingly bright lipstick colours.

Don't get me wrong: the OR ROUGE cream is AMAZING, with its special recipe made out of hundreds of saffron flower pistils picked up by hands. But let's just say that my spontaneous love was entirely towards the new Baby Doll Kiss & Blush collection! I mean, how much more fun can it be when your lipstick can also be used as your blush? At the moment of this ascertainment, I automatically went back to childhood in a matter of seconds.

The Classics from GUERLAIN


If someone had told me that some day I would receive GUERLAIN products as gifts, I wouldn't have believe it. And if that someone had said it would be gifts received because of my working situation, never ever I would have believe this story!

But here I was, having the chance to be invited to a grand cocktail by GUERLAIN in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the wonderful TERRACOTTA powder. In addition to the powder, I also received the famous fragrance "La Petite Robe Noire" during a previous event and I was quite pleased to add this nice bottle to my collection.

I still remember these moments, as a little girl, when I was playing dress-up and pretending to be a princess while observing the fantastic beauty products of my mother with an indefinable and admirative envy. She actually had a few products by GUERLAIN and I remember them being the ones with the best designs and fancy looks.

Now a grown up, I may not be a princess but I, at least, do have the chance to posses some little treasures of my own!

NEW IN: StarWars R2D2 Swimsuit


Oh it's so much fun to play in the water when the sun is out and it's warm outside! Therefore, I thought my swimsuit should be as fun as my play time and this is why I choosed this amazing StarWars bathing costume! 

Truthfully, I haven't worn a full body swimsuit since I was around eight years old, but I guess this model was the one that appealed to me the most since it was the one featuring in the best way possible the R2D2 prints! Plus I kind of liked the retro vibe of this suit' shape, fitting my style and the quite-old age of StarWars.

Feeling like a little girl once again, I put a red bow in my hair and played with my makeup colors long enough to end up wearing blue lips! I guess I wanted to make a full matching outfit here!

P.S. The suit is from Ebay and the pictures were happily taken at the Balnea Spa who had invited Alex and I over for the day!

JARGO: where I celebrated my 20th Birthday!


We often say that when you are passionnate about something, you can do it everywhere and all the time. My work as a blogger perfectly applies to this thought and it is with great passion and happiness that I celebrated my 20th birthday at a media event!

It was last 17th of June, at the media opening of the JARGO Restaurant that I celebrated my birthday. In this festive and warm ambiance, I enjoyed an extravagant and delightful meal, seated in the middle of this refined and hip setting. Sincerly, I couldn't have wish for a better place and a better evening to celebrate my twenties!

It almost felt like the place was decorated in my special tastes, with its new-age vibe, mixing modern and traditional looks. Between its theatrical aspect, the exotic and warm material of the furnitures and its huge mural made of old images from Montreal's past years, I can say this place gave me a total sensory experience way before even trying anything on the menu!

As for the food we ate that night, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves... but let me just say that everything was delicious, original and well presented!

PERRYWINKLE'S arrives in Montréal


As a young lady who would love but can’t really buy expensive and luxurious jewelry made of gold and precious stones, I always refrained myself from going window shopping in front of jewelry stores. It’s that I would have dreamed about these exceptional pieces for too long and my wallet would have probably never recovered from the thousand dollar expenses caused by these pieces of art.

However, the other day, I was forced to step into a jewelry store on Sherbrooke Street in order to celebrate the arriving of the PERRYWINKLE'S franchise in Canada. When I first entered the PERRYWINKLE'S store, I was a little scared to fall in a daydreaming session… but surprisingly, I discovered that a majority of the jewelries presented there were quite affordable, some worth not more than 30$!

Even if some prices were quite low, we were really talking about quality pieces, nothing to do with the cheap finds from superstores! I cannot tell you how happy I was to finally find a jewelry store offering a certain quality without destroying my budget. Obviously, not all the pieces were low price and let’s just say I was still able to let my dreamy look wander on some rings and necklaces worth a few thousands… but at least, my mind was satiated with the affordability of certain jewels.

To my grand surprise, I got the chance to choose a piece from the store and I opted for this little sterling silver chain with an infinity pendent. I found it to be quite discrete and this symbol represents some particular ideas to me, which then made this necklace a perfect match with my personality!

Gotta Love These Printed Shorts!


What I love the most about fashion is the fact that you can always transform yourself to be whoever you want to be right now, today. All depending on your outfit and how you accessorize it, you can become a whole new person while still being yourself… because after all, the way you style something gives your signature, your touch, to the outfit, and makes it yours even if you look completely different.

Going to Istanbul : A DREAM

TURKISH AIRLINE: Montréal/Istanbul
One value that I was raised with was the one that it was crucial to travel during your life, in order to see the world and have a better understanding of how others lived. It was also said that learning how to respect and appreciate other cultures was a must.

As a child I have been traveling a lot, mostly from Montréal to California, since my father lived there. I visited a few American States, many places in the Caribbean and the furthest I went was Hawaii and England. 

When I learned about the new TURKISH AIRLINE flights, directly from Montréal to Istanbul, I got very excited! I started daydreaming of going to Turkey, country half Asian and half European, country where it seems everything started.

Could you imagine flying over there in a few hours, going to Istanbul/Constantinople/Byzance (the name you prefer) and discovering this whole new world, one of the most ancient and innovative place on Earth? This would be a dream to me!

But what normally happens when you fly far from home? You often have to make plane transfers. And what happens then? You can be waiting at the transition airport for hours, you can easily miss your flight, your luggage gets lost, and you can even end up having to stay a few nights at a random hotel in a city you don’t know while waiting for your flight with no luggage because everything is so messed up (trust me, it happened!).

Now you wouldn't want all of that to happen when you’re about to land on one of the most beautiful and rewarding site of the globe, would you? This is exactly why TURKISH AIRLINE has created a flight from Montréal directly to Istanbul, with no intermission and which takes only a few hours. If you are not heading to Istanbul, you can also choose one of the 257 international destinations the airline has covered. Three times a week, all year long… you now have no excuses!

P.S. If ever you go to Turkey, please send me a picture so I can continue my daydream ;)