It's all about the PEOPLE now

The blog is not dead

For the ones who thought the blog was dead : it is not… I was simply taking a little break.

After a few years of blogging, stressful moments and busy schedules, I thought it became necessary for me to have a break from the blogosphere and take some time to think about my projects in a more concrete way.

The time I didn't blog, I took it for myself. I decided to be selfish and do, for myself and only myself, the stuff that I felt like doing right now. Not inspired? Didn’t bother to find a subject and force myself to write. Too tired to go out at the events? Stayed home and watched a movie in my warm blanket. Didn’t feel like chatting business? Saw my friends and goofed around instead.

And as much as I felt bad at first, leaving my “baby” (the blog) on the side for 8 weeks (this is actually quite a long time), I totally now feel that it was for the best.

But now, I am back, more inspired, more willing than ever to write some good articles and be creative in a much better way. I am also more aware of what I value, what I want to talk about and mainly what ideas I want to promote. 

I also realized that, many years later, my mindset has evolved and the cravings are not the same anymore.

It's not about the views I can get or the thrill of a few likes anymore. It's about much more.
It's all about the people now.

Of course, the job of being a blogger and sharing my thoughts online has always been about the people... But now, it's about it in a different way.

I don't care about how many people read me now, as long as what I write matters to at least one person. I don't care about how popular this post will be and how many likes it will receive; as long as I like it myself and I'm proud to share what I mean.

And since this new mindset is all about the people, I wanted to share with you some photos taken with some incredible folks with whom I had some great moments in the last year. The blog would not exist if it wasn't for them and my life wouldn't be as exciting if I was not surrounded by such creative and inspirational minds! Here you go!

P.S. If you are not on the pictures, it's simply because I didn't have enough space to present all the images I would have liked!

The Red Backpackers


I've already told you about my collaboration with the brand TEA SPOON and Pascal Audet, HERE, doing some streetstyle images in outfits that made me go out of my usual style boundaries.

This time, I'm presenting you pictures that are very special to me. What makes them so special is the fact this was actually the FIRST TIME I took pictures with one of my photographer collaborator! Can you believe it? And when I say pictures, I don't mean images taken of us at an event together... I mean editorial pictures.

Both dressed by TEA SPOON, we decided to represent the brand together. Pascal assembled the tripod and set the camera on the delay feature, pressed the button and ran to sit by my side. 

This reminded me of when I started the blog, doing all of these steps by myself and running back and forth, from the camera to my shooting spot. Four years later, I'm back on memory lane, doing the same thing for this photoshoot! It was actually pretty funny and quite amusing as we made some quirky faces, laughed out loud and retried the process at least five times.

In the end, I am pleased with the results and I am also quite happy to have some great tangible memories from that day, helping me to rememeber it more precisely than by only looking at pictures of myself alone.

Gotta love Pascal and his crazy ideas!

Advanced Style - Streetstyle Movie

If you're looking for something fun to do while relaxing a little from your end of school session and before Christmas'crazy blitz, you might want to consider the idea of enjoying a good movie at the cinema.

This being said, I have a special suggestion for you: ADVANCED STYLE.

This documentary was conceived by the blogger and photographer Ari Seth Cohen, in order to showcase some beautiful ladies who dress with an incredible elegance, the way they want, for themselves and no mather their age. It is beautiful to see how they overpass the judgment of others and the fear of getting older and simply embrace their true-self. Their visions on life, on aging, on self estime and style will 
(hopefully) change the visions you have yourself on all these subjects. The opinions of elders are much more considerable than what the youth might think and this movie truly is a magnificient ode to what these women have to say.

What I always love about documentaries is the closnest I find between the stories told and real life (even if some documentaries don't always represent typical lifestyle events). Regarding this, I found out, after watching the movie, that Sebastien, one of my photographer friend, had actually met some of the women portrayed in the film and had even attended one event that is showcased in the movie.

Plus, at the end of the media representation, we had the chance to do a live interview with Ari (via Skype), who kindly answered some of our questions. It was great to meet him directly and see how human he really is and to also understand all of the thoughts behind his ideas for this big project.

Therefore, I'll leave you with images that Sebastien took of the Advanced Style women! You might also want to check out the movie trailer and the schedule for the film representations. (Psst, Tuesday is the discount day at the cinema!)

Colorful Nails with my Beauty Advent Calendar


Remember when I presented to you my UNIPRIX BEAUTY ADVENT CALENDAR?
Well... I went a little bit crazy (and WAY too excited) and decided to open it all... 12 days before Christmas.

Ok I know, I know... I am being REALLY naughty right now, since I couldn't be patient enough to wait and only open one compartment per day... but unlike chocolates, I feel like I can totally enjoy my Calendar for a longer time now!

So anyways, I totally assume my bad behavior and I am very pleased to show you all my wonderful new nail polish colors!

Pssst: it might not be too late to go get your own calendar here:

TEA SPOON Streetstyle - Québec City

As I've been running all around I haven't had much time to write on the blog. However, I do have in stock many Christmas articles that will soon be up online!

In the mean time, I would like to show you one of the outfits from the amazing photoshoot I did with Pascal Audet in Québec city. Once again, I was very happy to be working with him as he is quite good to capture emotions and vibes.... something very important when you want to showcase fashion in a more complex and complete way.

This photoshoot was sponsored by TEA SPOON, a brand from Québec city, which was born from the creativity of many artists who decided to produce original clothes and create a movement to gather the ones with a special vision and lifestyle.

The clothes are more "street" than what I usually wear, but I find the initiative very interesting and since I love to support local designers, I was super thrilled to collaborate with them on this project. Plus, a lot of the pieces offered by TEA SPOON are very good basics to have in your wardrobe and for a local production, the prices of the clothes are surprisingly low!

The fashion world gives me the chance to always reinvent myself and I felt like working with TEA SPOON was one of those opportunities where I could really go out of my boundaries. Due to the available pieces, I had to dress with a more "street" style and less of a vintage or retro vibe, and it actually felt good to look different for a day!

Le Renard & La Chouette - Québec City

Like I've told you here, I recently did a little road trip to Québec City, in order to meet and work with one of my best friends, Pascal Audet.

In order to make me discover his neighborhood, Pascal brought me to this very cute coffee shop called "Le Renard & La Chouette". The place, based on a little story of friendship between two different beings, felt like the perfect place for us to go to savor a warm latte, being two great friends ourselves. 

The fun part about the story of the Fox and the Owl is the fact that these two animals aren't mostlikely to meet or even spend time together, because of their way too different lifestyles and way of being. Pascal and I may be similar, but in the end, we do live in different cities and are quite different from one another. I think this is why, like the Fox and the Owl, we combine in fun and artistic way. through our visions and opinions on life and beauties of all kinds.

Not sure which animal would represent who, we agreed I would be the owl and he, the fox. Why am I the owl? Still not sure about that either, but knowing that Pascal is clearly more sneakier than me, he obviously was designated to be the fox.

Little cookies, creamy lattes, hard wood tables in a warm ambiance, a fun and childish story and a great friendship in a city quite new to me. Let's say it was a very pleasant coffee break!