Pink for Spring

So even if it's officially and technically Spring, the season is totally messing up with us and cannot offer us a decent and warm weather for more than two days in a row.

In order to have Spring stay FOR GOOD in Montréal, I decided to try out a very scientific strategy: to wear bright and summery colors until warm days arrive!

As you can imagine, this plan totally failed (hum... it's snowing right now). However, I must say that even if I wasn't able to make the weather better, I still managed to put a smile on a few people's face that day, having them tell me how fun and joyful the color of my coat was!

Why care about the weather when you can make people smile? 

Summer Daydream

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I miss the comforting heat of Summer. As much as I love all four seasons and wouldn't want to live in a one-season only place, I have now become sick and tired of winter. I miss Summer because I miss being able to stay outside for as long as wish without minding the temperature and being scared to freeze to death.

I catch myself daydreaming of these hot Summer days and nights... When the sun goes down but the heat stays strong and there is one very comfortable vibe that settles. I'm sure you know what I mean... 

And to support my dreamy thoughts, I found these pictures shot last Summer with the Fripe Fabrique Team, when I had the chance to be the model for their seasonal lookbook! Enjoy!


Collaboration with TEA SPOON - Québec City

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As I am progressively going back to a regular blogging schedule, I am still working on new stories for you guys. However, searching through my old files, I found this series of images that I had totally forgotten to show you before!

Do you remember my collaboration with TEA SPOON and Pascal Audet? Back in Québec city, we collaborated with the brand in order to showcase some streetstyles that, if I recall properly, I described as "really out of my style boudaries".

TEA SPOON is a brand from Québec city, much more "street" and sporty than what I usually go for, but I simply loved to change style for a day.

As spring is on it's way, I suggest you check out what TEA SPOON has to offer you online for this new season, in order to have your wardrobe ready as soon as the heat comes back in town!

P.S. These images were taken by one of my best friends, Pascal, and if you haven't seen the editorial we did together, head over HERE ;)

Relaxing Time at the SKYSPA

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So it's technically the end of Winter, Study Week/Spring Break and soon enough, Easter Break... And all of these upcoming break-events just want to make you RELAX and put your life on hold for a moment. The best way to completely disconnect? GO TO THE SPA.

A few weeks ago I gladly was invited to discover the SKYSPA, located in the DIX30 area and I must say that I fell in love with the cozy vibe. Was I able to fully disconnect and relax? TOTALLY!

I first went there to discover the place and enjoy the relaxation. I was still in my "need time for myself vibe" and my only goal of the moment was to take care of myself. Of course, arriving at the spa I was craving a massage. But don't you ALWAYS feel like getting one? 

Honestly, I didn't know how much I actually needed a massage before I got one... and since that moment, I was much more grateful to have decided to spend the day at SKYSPA and very excited of the luxurious hours I was about to spend. I was in heaven.

It was so peaceful that Charlotte and I stayed there for 7 hours. (Okay, this is probably very much intense... but we did). When you look at it, it's not THAT crazy... 

1h massage, 2h doing the thermal circuit, 1h30 to have dinner and enjoy a well deserved glass of wine, 2 more hours in the thermal circuit, 30min in the relaxation room. 

Plus, it didn't really feel that long. I guess sometimes it's just good to take time for yourself... and when I say "take time", I mean REALLY take the time.

We were lucky enough to go to SKYSPA during a snowstorm day, which made the rooftop area feel like a little white cocoon (the thermal circuit is on the roof). We couldn't actually see the view because of the density of the snow in the air, but this wintry ambiance made the experience much more intimate and relaxing! 

A warm thank you to the entire SKYSPA team for the wonderful day!


It's all about the PEOPLE now

The blog is not dead

For the ones who thought the blog was dead : it is not… I was simply taking a little break.

After a few years of blogging, stressful moments and busy schedules, I thought it became necessary for me to have a break from the blogosphere and take some time to think about my projects in a more concrete way.

The time I didn't blog, I took it for myself. I decided to be selfish and do, for myself and only myself, the stuff that I felt like doing right now. Not inspired? Didn’t bother to find a subject and force myself to write. Too tired to go out at the events? Stayed home and watched a movie in my warm blanket. Didn’t feel like chatting business? Saw my friends and goofed around instead.

And as much as I felt bad at first, leaving my “baby” (the blog) on the side for 8 weeks (this is actually quite a long time), I totally now feel that it was for the best.

But now, I am back, more inspired, more willing than ever to write some good articles and be creative in a much better way. I am also more aware of what I value, what I want to talk about and mainly what ideas I want to promote. 

I also realized that, many years later, my mindset has evolved and the cravings are not the same anymore.

It's not about the views I can get or the thrill of a few likes anymore. It's about much more.
It's all about the people now.

Of course, the job of being a blogger and sharing my thoughts online has always been about the people... But now, it's about it in a different way.

I don't care about how many people read me now, as long as what I write matters to at least one person. I don't care about how popular this post will be and how many likes it will receive; as long as I like it myself and I'm proud to share what I mean.

And since this new mindset is all about the people, I wanted to share with you some photos taken with some incredible folks with whom I had some great moments in the last year. The blog would not exist if it wasn't for them and my life wouldn't be as exciting if I was not surrounded by such creative and inspirational minds! Here you go!

P.S. If you are not on the pictures, it's simply because I didn't have enough space to present all the images I would have liked!

The Red Backpackers


I've already told you about my collaboration with the brand TEA SPOON and Pascal Audet, HERE, doing some streetstyle images in outfits that made me go out of my usual style boundaries.

This time, I'm presenting you pictures that are very special to me. What makes them so special is the fact this was actually the FIRST TIME I took pictures with one of my photographer collaborator! Can you believe it? And when I say pictures, I don't mean images taken of us at an event together... I mean editorial pictures.

Both dressed by TEA SPOON, we decided to represent the brand together. Pascal assembled the tripod and set the camera on the delay feature, pressed the button and ran to sit by my side. 

This reminded me of when I started the blog, doing all of these steps by myself and running back and forth, from the camera to my shooting spot. Four years later, I'm back on memory lane, doing the same thing for this photoshoot! It was actually pretty funny and quite amusing as we made some quirky faces, laughed out loud and retried the process at least five times.

In the end, I am pleased with the results and I am also quite happy to have some great tangible memories from that day, helping me to rememeber it more precisely than by only looking at pictures of myself alone.

Gotta love Pascal and his crazy ideas!