Blue & Tartan


I've been to private schools almost my entire life and I remember not always wanting to wear my uniform. Some days I thought it wasn't so bad and some others, I really thought it was depriving my styling creativity. The green tartan skirt, paired with a navy blue sweater, all day, everyday of the year.

The funny thing is that, now that I am not going to school anymore and haven't been wearing the uniform for years, I kind of miss it some days. It seems like it was so much easier... Plus, the fact that the tartan patern went back on trend this year, made me crave a little outfit with a skirt like the one I had back in school.

Last time I went to the church basement, I found this crazy long tartan skirt (it was almost touching the floor so I cut it) and also found this beautiful steel velvet vest. The blueish color in both items made them easy to style together and in only a few seconds I had my outfit created. Going with the «too cool for school» vibe, I paired everything with a band t-shirt which I bought during Craft Spell's music show, and except that shirt, everything else is vintage!

NEW IN: Faux Fur Vintage Coat


I am not usually a big fan of fur, mostly because of the values it represents, but I do have a more open mind towards recycled and fake fur. It was not in my intention to buy and wear some fur-looking apparel at first, but when I found this amazing vintage faux-fur jacket in my favorite church basement, I simply couldn't leave it there. I thought its paterns and colors made it obvious that it was synthetic fur and I quite liked that weird shimery steel hue.

This jacket is such a statement piece that I thought it would be fun to style it with some other very textured items, such as my recycled vintage bag and my velvet leggings. Let's just say I was feeling super fluffy that day!

As you can see on some of the images, Alex and I decied to bring the concept of ''streetstyling'' to its original version, having pictures of myself taken while I was not necessarly aware and posing for the pictures.

Spring Time & Textures


Oh the lovely Spring has arrived in Montréal and I am more than happy to (almost) put aside my coats and mitts and wander around the city not feeling like an icecicle. Please enjoy this simple, yet quite textured outfit, representing my transition from Winter to Spring. As you can see, I was really excited to be wearing my summery clothes, yet I was still influenced by Fall and Winter's colors, so I styled this look with black, gold and burgundy. Plus, I do have my beanie and knee-high socks on, just to make sure I do not freeze (even if it is now much warmer outside).

One Dress, Two Looks

What I love the most about fashion is the fact that you can transform anything and change from style to style, only depending on how you accessorize an outfit. Regarding my new collaboration with the new-york brand AMANDA UPRICHARD, I decided to show you how easy it was to create two completely different looks with only one dress.

As you've seen lately on the blog, I used to wear really girly outfits, with bows in my hair and little skirts... This time I went for a more boyish look, wearing a snapback and big chunky platform shoes. I felt different but still great, since I love to transform and change style once in a while. 

This is the first outfit out of two created with this dress and the other one that I will present to you will be a bit more feminine ;)

Going to the Sugar Shack with RAILS


It's maple time here in Québec, and it means that many Montréalers have been going to the Sugar Shack for the past few weekends, to savor the classical dishes based on maple water. The tradition says we should be wearing the lumberjack-looking-plaid-blouse in order to fit in the forest atmosphere of the Sugar Shack experience and I'm totally in for that!

Since this year I do not have any time to go in the regions to go to the sugar shack, I decided to opt for the more modern and reinvented Sugar Shacks here, downtown Montréal, especially the Chef à l'Érable one by Laurent Godbout and the one at the Renoir en Sucre at Sofitel Hotel.

Because I'm staying in the city, I decided to wear a little faux-leather skirt, in order to create a city-lumberjack-girl look. I also thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear my RAILS blouse, a brand that offers the perfect collection for the laidback-spring style lovers!

Purple Spring


Being a fashion blogger, I'm often ask to create new outfits and to style pieces of clothing together, in order to well represent a brand's vision and/or present new items and products to my readers. This time, I was asked the same fashionable tasks, but as a stylist instead of a blogger. With a team of creative people, we organised a collective photoshoot and I had the stylist's job (not so surprising isn't it?). Since we were shooting in a studio, I did my unreasonable girly-girl and asked my dear friend Alexandra (the photographer) to take a few shots of me! I felt like a little child, since (like I said before) I almost never shoot my pictures in a studio. It was a totally different experience and I admit it was quite fun. So here is my outfit of the day, trying to encourage Spring to come and stay in Montréal!

Oh Burgundy!


I cannot believe it is still not Spring here, in Montréal. The weather has been playing us and having some ups and downs for weeks. It is than very difficult to plan days ahead what it's gonna look like outside... This being said, I thought it was a great moment to show you (again) this outfit you've already seen  before on the blog. This is another set of photos of the same look, but the outfit looks totally different. Because of the light, the coat looks burgundy, instead of bright red. I do love this coat but sincerly, I wish I won't have to wear it again for too long... Spring, please arrive soon!