I must say I am not a big fan of Katy Perry (I may only enjoy "Teenage Dream" and "California Girls" because I used to be a teenager and live in California), but let's just say that the "do-you-ever-feel-like-a-plastic-bag-FIREWORK" song and many of the kind do not really appeal to me...

Anyways, not being such a fan of this singer, I wasn't much excited when her KILLER QUEEN fragrance came out... Until I was forced to smell it (because it was given to me) and until it automatically became my FAVORITE perfume of all time and also became my signature scent! 

I confess: I loved (and still do love) this perfume... yes.

So… there’s no need to say I was, this time, VERY excited when Katy Perry launched a new edition of the KILLER QUEEN fragrance, this one called the ROYAL REVOLUTION. Smelling completely different from the Killer Queen and the Eau So Sheer fragrances, the ROYAL REVOLUTION perfume still appeals to me, with its very special scent! Here are the details:

Top: Notes of Pink Freesia, Black Thorn, Pomegranate
Heart: Notes of Orange Flower, Sandalwood, Jasmine Petals.
Base: Notes of Soft Leather, Skin Musk, Vanilla Orchid

Looking Back

Sometimes it's good to look back... just to make sure everything's okay now. That it is better than it was or on the way to recovery. Look back to make sure everything is fixed up, forgiven or forgotten.

Look back to make yourself proud, to see what you've accomplished so far and to make you desire your dreams even more than before.

NEW YORK COLOR: August Beauty Products

NEW YORK COLOR: August products
Being a fashion blogger has been for me a passion and an occupation for almost four years now. I did present to you a few beauty products here and there, but I always managed to leave the beauty domain to the official beauty bloggers and focus more on my fashion editorials.

This being said, I was recently asked to be part of the NEW YORK COLOR Canada Beauty Pro Program, in order to discover and try new beauty products by the NYC brand every month and present them to you. Having this amazing opportunity given in my hands, I couldn’t say no and I thought it would be a perfect way to expend the Beauty section of my blog that I have always wanted to upgrade!

So with no further due, I’ll introduce you to my first arrival of NEW YORK COLOR products, which I am thrilled to try and tell you all about!

This month’s theme is Times Square, filled with energy, dazzling and taking a stand in a quite feminine way. So here are the products:

LOOKBOOK collaboration with FRIPE FABRIQUE


As you know, I have always had a love for vintage clothing and styles from another era. This love growing from day to day has become a passion and with the years, has become a dream of having my own little vintage shop.

A few weeks ago, the FRIPE FABRIQUE team made contact with me. I had heard of them a few times before, knowing they were selling vintage clothes, local brands and fair trade products, but when I actually took the time to meet them and listen to their story, I discovered much more: people with the truly same values as myself, with the same vintage dream and passion for fashion.

You can now believe that I was totally pleased when they asked me to be the main ‘’model’’ of their upcoming lookbook! It is one thing to work on a project you like; it is another one to work on it with people who understand you perfectly and with whom you can share so much!

So here are some of the pictures we took, the FRIPE FABRIQUE team and I, and you can actually see them HERE in the official lookbook and also read the interview we did.

MIRACLE GEL by Sally Hansen


I must confess this: I bite my nails. In order to break this awful habit, I thought many times of having a manicure. I thought that having beautiful, longer and stronger nails would prevent me of destroying them in my stressful moments. Even if this idea wasn't so bad, I eventually ended up not following it for lack of budget regarding this fancy luxury.

To compensate and still follow my main idea, I tried to put on nail polish and do my best to make it last more than a week... but it never worked.

When I discovered the new Sally Hanser Miracel Gel collection, I wasn't so enthousiast about it, since I believed it would be just another new-not-working product. Having tried many top coats from different brands before and always being disapointed, I think my lack of excitement wasn't so selfish.

However, I was very impressed by the quality of this product! The ''2-step homemade gel manicure'' appears to be very efficient and actually hardens the nails like a real salon manicure.

The color is strong and glossy and it lasts for more than a week (wich is pretty impressive in my not-so-delicate-towards-my-nails case)! Plus, it only costs 10,95$ for the colour+topcoat package, wich is much more afordable and worth in terms of durability, compared to a 40$ salon manicure that only lasts a certain time.

So how about you try it and let me know how well it works for you! ;)

DAISY DREAM by Marc Jacobs


A perfume, according to its scent, the shape of its bottle and its name, can easily become a striking personnality in our life. Who never associated a particular scent to a dear one? We all know what is the signature perfume of our mother, our father, our loved one or even the one from our childhood... And these refined scents have and will always have a special color in the  big painting of our memories.

The message that surrounds a fragrance often comes way beyond its scent and reveals itself in the way it is worn and its special design. Its name already evokes a lot, and let's not forget the shape of the bottle and the color of its elixir.

The new DAISY DREAM perfume by Marc Jacobs reminds me of the fragrances my mother wears... it has a fruity and soft scent, yet strong enough to be remembered. It's the perfume of the girl who wants to be free and light-headed, charming and cute... just like a daisy!

Pearly Dungaree


This year might be the year in which I revisit my childhood the most in many different ways.

Even if I just turned 20, I have been wearing some clothes that I haven't wear since I was about 9 years old, including the under-the-knee-lenght skirt, the one-piece swimsuit and now, the dungaree. 

I'm not sure if all this is due to my desire to look childish once more or simply because the 90's trends are back on track stronger than ever (being born in 1994, that would explain a lot).

Anyways, even if the dungaree is to be seen everywhere, I still think I managed to adapt the trend to my style, by not wearing the denim-typical-so-normcore-not-original-anymore version, but a black and pearly pink version, created by a designer from Montréal!

Indeed, this dungaree was part of the styling collaboration I did with the Montrealer designer Vickie Joseph from NU.I (which I told you all about here) and it was my total pleasure to adapt this famous trend in my Montrealer way!

Plus, how fun is this MONTREAL t-shirt? I simply love it!

OR ROUGE by Yves Saint-Laurent


When it comes to beauty products, I shall say I am not an expert since I'm not a specified beauty blogger and that I don't test creams and lotions for a living (not that I wouldn't like that, but it's simply not my main occupation). However, when it comes to great smells and lipsticks, I know the drill and I can tell you everything you want to know!

I am (I confess) a lipstick addict. I repeat: I am a lipstick addict. I have all the imaginable colours, all the textures (matt, shiny, glossy, etc.) and all the existing formats of tubes (actual lipsticks, twistups, crayons, pastes and brushes), you name it! 

No need to say I was ecstatic when I received the invitation for a Yves Saint-Laurent cocktail party at Holt Renfrew, in order to discover the new makeup products by the brand and the magnificent OR ROUGE cream.

My excitement for this OR ROUGE cocktail party was due to two reasons:
1) It was my first ever YSL event
2) I got to discover the new Baby Doll Kiss & Blush products

That's typical me: being excited about something that was not the main attraction of the night. While everybody was starring at the beautiful OR ROUGE cream pots, I was over the makeup counter, daydreaming of trying all these amazingly bright lipstick colours.

Don't get me wrong: the OR ROUGE cream is AMAZING, with its special recipe made out of hundreds of saffron flower pistils picked up by hands. But let's just say that my spontaneous love was entirely towards the new Baby Doll Kiss & Blush collection! I mean, how much more fun can it be when your lipstick can also be used as your blush? At the moment of this ascertainment, I automatically went back to childhood in a matter of seconds.