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Just like last year, I took a few months’ break from the blog.

And again, I’m coming back once more into this little blogging routine of mine.

This time, however, it is not about the “people” like it was last year. It is selfishly and only about myself.

Yep, you read well. M-Y-S-E-L-F. This doesn’t mean I won’t ever talk about “the people” anymore. It simply means I will only write about who and what at I care for.I like to invest time and energy in what I really believe. And I want to show you what I like without any filter, rules to follow or editorial boundaries whatsoever.

I will present images, events and products like I used to, but will genuinely do my best to associate myself with companies and people who share the same values as myself, with mentalities and ways of doing that I approve and believe in.

I am done writing just to write, to share just for the purpose to please businesses and create stuff only for the sake of creating rapidly instead of wisely.

This may sound “radical” like that (or “angry” maybe) but honestly, as a readers, it won’t be too different for you guys. In my last articles I have almost always shared with you thoughts and words that I truly valued and I promise myself to continue doing so!