I have never been good in describing my own style, but what I know for sure is the fact that I always have tried to play with fashion and not follow any rules, except for the ones that I created for myself.
Fashion, for me, is all about having fun with colors, textures and layering… and not about following trends or sociably-accepted-rules. I truly believe that what makes you feel comfortable makes you look good.
And by comfortable, I mean comfy for your body and soul. Something comfortable is an outfit that you’re proud to wear, that makes you happy, excited, relaxed or confident. It’s a look that doesn’t hurt your body or makes you unable to walk to stand-up straight.
Comfort transcends your inner self when you embrace it and that’s what makes a look beautiful.
I think you can wear the prettiest dress on Earth and still look horrible if it’s not comfortable… as it will be apparent through how it makes you feel on the inside.
Fashion is more than a visual statement to me. It’s a reflection of my everyday mood, of how I feel today, right now. 
That’s why I have such difficulty in describing my style in general… as it constantly changes on a day to day basis.
As for this very outfit, it was created for the #TANALOVESSHOES project, in order to showcase my new little white sneakers, which I’ve told you about HERE.
Everything in this outfit is vintage (except for the shoes) and I I was excited to find this white blouse that has excatly the same little flower patterns as the sneakers… Those are the kind of details I enjoy playing with and that make me excited about my look!

I’M WEARING  >>  Sunglasses: Vintage |  Clothes: Vintage | Shoes: Volks Walkers
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