Alex and Ani, jewelries, fashion is my religion, silver
At the very beginning of festival season, I was approached by the jewelry brand ALEX AND ANI, to know if I would be interested in wearing some of their creations during the Osheaga Festival.

To be honest, I’m not a person who wears a lot of jewelries so I was not convinced at first, but when I had a look at their online collection, it became very difficult for me to refuse the offer. I fell in love with the simple and clean, yet original designs.

What I liked the most was the fact that each and every one of the jewel had a special meaning according to the symbol attached to it. If you get a bracelet with a feather bangle, it has a different meaning from the one with the arrow bangle…

This is obviously not the first time we’ve seen this concept in jewelry stores, but I quite liked the models and I was surprised to see that the symbol descriptions were not cheesy (and trust me, they usually are when it comes to associating icons to objects).

To the proposition I said yes and came one week later a beautiful package full of surprises. I was so pleased to see what ALEX AND ANI had chosen for me: exactly what I would have picked for myself!


Not only the jewels were my style but they also fitted my tiny body frame. This was a BIG plus for me, as I can’t normally wear bracelets and rings because my arms and fingers are too little. But the perks of having ALEX AND ANI jewelries is that almost all pieces are adjustable and this was a true blessing for me!

*Click on the Jewel’s name to see it’s symbol description and price.

Alex and Ani, jewelries, fashion is my religion, silver
Infatuation • Excitement • Wonder

Alex and Ani, jewelries, fashion is my religion, silverFeather Charm Bangle & Path of Life Pull Chain Necklace

Truth • Light • Virtue  –  Strength • Motivation • Knowledge
Seduction • Mystery • Passion
Alex and Ani, jewelries, fashion is my religion, silver
This post was sponsored by ALEX & ANI