In the last few weeks, I had the pleasure to try out Sony’s new Xperia XA smartphone and I am now pleased to tell you all about my experience!

I am sure that, like me, you dread the time you’ll need to change your phone… because it costs a lot of money and it’s always complicated to transfer everything from one device to another.


For the good of the experience, I had to change my phone for the new Xperia XA, but I shall say it was easier than planned and this collaboration was very pleasing as I am gladly presenting to you a product that I would buy myself!

What I liked about my experience with Xperia XA was that it was super easy to transfer all my apps and data/content into the new phone. In two taps and three minutes, my Xperia XA was ready to use: nothing new to install, no data to transfer. I simply linked my Google account to the new phone and I was all set and ready to go!


What I liked the most about the Sony Xperia XA?

  • Its great cameras – taking quality photos is crucial for me as a s blogger and I was pleased to FINALLY have a phone with a 13 MP camera, and 8 MP front camera.
  • Its big, borderless display – I use my phone almost like a computer… I edit photos, I watch movies, I read articles, etc. therefore, I need a big screen. This 5” borderless display was just perfect!
  • Its speed – With advanced 64-bit Octa-core processor, this phone was so fast and smooth, and stood up to any task I needed
  • Its slick design – as superficial as it may sound, it is actually nice to own a nice-looking phone, that feels as great as it looks.

Plus, the Xperia XA not only has a slick look and a big screen, but it is also very fast and user friendly. The screen curves at the edges of the phone made the touch surface slightly bigger and I loved that!

As I work in mobile development, I use and try all kinds of different phones every day. However, I shall say that among all Android phones, this little Xperia probably has the best ratio between utility and style. Plus, it cost only $0 at Bell, Wind, and Virgin Mobile.


I am glad I had the chance to try it and share it with you: it felt like this phone was mine since forever!

The most important part of this collaboration is the fact that I would buy this product for myself (because the price is AMAZING) and I find it very important to represent products that I can associate myself to and trust, in order to be honest with you.

You can check further details on the Sony Xperia XA smartphone here.

This post was sponsored by SONY.