22 years old Fashion blogger from Montréal


Welcome on Fashion Is My Religion, my beloved blog and should I say, baby. Here, you enter my world, where fashion is about fun more than trends and where vintage and second-hand clothes are all over the place!I have created this website when I was 16 years old. Can you believe this was more than five years ago? I surely can’t.

All I can say is that this blog has grown a lot since back then, and I did too. It has evolved with me every step of this adventure and I am proud to say we’ve come a long way together.
Fashion Is My Religion may not be the most read or famous blog there is (even after 5 years on the blogosphere), but this is not important to me. What I have created and shared here made me who I am today and this is worth more than any visits number there is.
I am proud to say that because of this very blog, I have achieved in my life more things than I could have wished.
Creating Fashion Is My Religion gave me the will to create more and expand my knowledge outside of the blog. Therefore, I have started working on cinematographic projects as a stylist, started blogging on other websites, started writing a book and started working as a web editor for a mobile/web company.But that, you can read all about it via my LinkedIn profile!

I hope you will enjoy reading and browsing through Fashion Is My Religion, and I invite you to write to me if you feel like sharing thoughts and ideas