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Being a blogger has its many perks and one of them is to be invited to the Spa for an entire day of relaxation.

Obviously, with blogging rimes to my ears “work”, but we can all agree that we’ve seen worst in terms of “working session” than spending the day at the spa.


Every year for the past three years, I’ve been invited to the BALNEA SPA to cover the ÉTÉ DES CHEFS EVENT. It’s a great event and it’s a true blessing that I get to spend the day at Balnéa for the occasion.


Every time I accept this kind of invitation, my goal is (obviously) to enjoy myself at first, but also to make you feel my joy throughout my photos and text. The blog is for me a real sharing platform and I try to embrace this idea as much as possible.


This being said, it can be easy to forget to enjoy yourself when you’re at a media event or in a “working set of mind”. You’re probably wondering “I dare she to say such thing, since she was invited to the SPA…”.
Well indeed, this sounds reasonable. But there’s a very fine line between enjoying yourself for real VS making it look like you’re enjoying yourself.
The blogosphere and social medias are such perception-based mediums that we tend to accentuate, amplify or sometimes sublime our real life to make it look more appealing to the audience. For that matter, you tend to forget to relax at the spa, and only think of all the photos you can take, all the angles you can play with and all the stories you’re gonna write. Your day, which was supposed to be relaxing, ends up being more stressful than planned.


If you’re not careful, you can easily forget the fun of blogging and only focus on the performance and the organisation of your publications…


But being confronted with the struggle of perfectionism for years, I shall say that with time, I’ve become a pro at relaxing FOR REAL without being too concerned with the blog. I learned it was okay to sometimes let go.


I found out that doing things for yourself and not stress out for superficial things was actually way more efficient for me in terms of blogging.


Why not actually take a day of relaxation at the spa? Why not close my phone and stop working for a moment? This is was I did.


I was with my great friend Charlotte (who also took my Spa photos last year) and we decided to take photos throughout the day, without any schedule or established plan. It was decided we would genuinely enjoy the day and capture the images when the moments would come.


As you can see, I cannot seem more relaxed and happy and therefore, I can say we did a great job at creating something nice without overthinking it.
fashion is my religion, balnea spa, bromont, spaNaomi Larocque, fashion is my religion, balnea spa, bromont, spa
fashion is my religion, balnea spa, bromont, spa
Naomi Larocque, fashion is my religion, balnea spa, bromont, spa
 I’M WEARING >> Bathing Suit: La Vie en Rose Aqua, Sunglasses: Vintage
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