It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted on this blog… but I’m glad to say I am back with some great news!

After so many years of investing time and efforts in this platform, it is now time for me to go back to its main source, the reason why I started this whole thing in the first place: my love for vintage and second hand clothes.

The birth of this very blog, 7 years ago, was due to my love of showcasing and sharing vintage outfits, made of pieces that I found in church basements and thrift stores. With the years, my blogging experience changed and I find, by looking at it now with more hindsight, that I may have lost a little bit of this essence that was so dear to me.

I have therefore decided to come back on this blog with the intention of truly showcasing vintage outfits and not really care about anything else.

This is why, I was so excited and happy when the SALVATION ARMY Thrift Store approached me to collaborate with them on a special set of stories, to be published here and on their blog. I think the fact that I decided to relaunch the blog (that was on pause for the last YEAR) specially to create content in partnership with the Salvation Army Thrift Store says a lot about the importance of this new project for me.

Indeed, I told them it was “one of the most exciting partnerships I had ever had the chance to work on” and that it was to me, even “more exciting than collaborating with a big luxury brand”. If that doesn’t convince you that my true love really resides in second-hand clothing, I don’t know how to make you understand my unconditional love for vintage pieces…

For years, the Salvation Army Thrift Store has been one of my favorite places to shop, amongst other thrift shops, for the original pieces I can find and their amazing prices. Not only is the fashion great and budget-friendly, the business behind it all makes sure all the revenues go to social organisations which actually make a difference in population’s life and their communities.

Thrift shopping has always been a passion for me, not only for its “treasure hunting” aspect, but mainly for the eco-friendly and social values attached to this way of shopping. I find it way more fun to know that something I buy is given a second life instead of being thrown out and that the money I have invested in my purchase is given back to actual people in need. For these specific values, I am proud to be Montréal’s newest Creative Expert for the Salvation Army!

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