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The Most Random Moments are Often the Best Ones

I spent yet ANOTHER evening with Jenn. I told you already about her and how we met. And how we actually came to be very close friends. I feel like whenever I’m with her, everything seems so natural… so true and real… and present. The present moment, we fully live it. I love to think about the PRESENT as the moment when the most random things can happen, if we let ourself embrace these unforeseen events… And it can be as easy as enjoying a simple art exhibition, taking pictures with random doormen on the street or being overly excited…

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Summer in Montréal

Montréal in the Summer: It’s quite the best.It’s festive, colorful, motley and full of crazy people. It’s way too warm, drunk all the time and always at a festival. It’s smelling like food, with food trucks, food tents, food people, food, food, food. It’s terrasses, street artists, musicians and happenings everywhere. It’s all the flowers, the parks, the river, the market places and the wanna-be-beach. It’s events after events, party after party, after-party after after-party, and MORE festivals. It’s my city, your city and the tourists’ city. It’s me, it’s you and it’s them. It’s Montréal, baby. It’s our Montréal…

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Birthday Girl

Today is my birthday. Today I’m officially 21 years old and it feels…. About the same as yesterday! Except for the incredible amount of cellphone notifications I am receiving today, my life is about the same as 24 hours ago. My face did not age overnight and my knees don’t crack more than usual. My dreams and ambitions are the same, my achievements don’t look more or less disappointing and the way I look at life has not changed. Aging, for now and so far, has not been too bad.  Being 21 years old means I’m officially entering the adults’…

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It’s all about the PEOPLE now

For the ones who thought the blog was dead : it is not… I was simply taking a little break. After a few years of blogging, stressful moments and busy schedules, I thought it became necessary for me to have a break from the blogosphere and take some time to think about my projects in a more concrete way.The time I didn’t blog, I took it for myself. I decided to be selfish and do, for myself and only myself, the stuff that I felt like doing right now. Not inspired? Didn’t bother to find a subject and force myself…

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